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New Ocean Family’s tuna experience pavilion shows up in Dinghai Zhoushan

On December 27th, at the street of Songdu Haibin New World in Dinghai Zhoushan, Ocean Family’s tuna experience pavilion is crowded by consumers, achieving the good start at the first day of the opening. This is the third tuna experience pavilion of Ocean Family in Zhoushan, maintaining the continuity whether it’s about the store environment, service or food material.


Walking into the store, we can find eye-catching tables and chairs, with the original-wooden color, which are little bit fresh and elegant, concise and generous, without losing the heritage of the Japanese style, but highlight the closeness and naturalness of the store. Ocean Family’s tuna experience pavilions are mainly marketing all kinds of tuna cuisine and Japanese food, and also all kinds of tuna souvenirs, gifts and packed foods.

Ocean Family owns more than 30 distant water fisheries fishing vessels, from the vessel to the table, without the intermediate links, guaranteeing the freshness. Ocean Family’s tuna experience pavilion is recognized as the No.1 Japanese food restaurant by citizens in Zhoushan! You can enjoy bunch of high-end imported seafood such as fresh bluefin tuna, fresh Norway salmon, Argentina red shrimp, Arctic surf clam, cold water shrimp, and etc.

During the opening period, there are many special discounts and surprises! Welcome old and new friends to come.


Ocean Family’s tuna experience pavilion│Songdu, Dinghai, Zhoushan

Address: Building B, No. 124, Songdu Haibin New World, Dinghai, Zhoushan

Tel: 0580-2092099


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