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Ocean Family’s seafood counters in high-end supermarkets embrace the climax of opening new stores

At the end of 2018, Ocean Family’s seafood counters in high-end supermarkets embrace the new wave of the climax of opening new stores.

On the heels of 7Fresh Beijing Dazu store, 7Fresh Beijing Five-color City store, and 7Fresh Langfang Wanxiang City store, which are all the offline stores of JD.com, Ocean Family concentrates to open new stores such as Hangzhou Green & Health Yellowdragon Vanke store and EAC store, 7Fresh Huanan No.1 store, Foushan Yuexiu store, and Guangzhou Baoli store before the New Year’s Day. 

During the opening day, these new stores are all crowded by consumers. Ocean Family’s seafood counters also try the best to promote the self-caught distant water fisheries or global directly-purchased food materials, with the best quality and freshness, and provide more quality products and service to consumers in different places!

Norway salmon, Argentina red shrimp, Japan Nagasaki fresh fishes, the No.1 oyster in Japan, Zhoushan ribbon fish, delicious roasted eel, all kinds of seafood dishes, fresh sushi sashimi made by on-site chefs at stores, and etc. let consumers to experience the real quality seafood materials.


Before the 2019 Spring Festival, Ocean Family’s seafood counters in high-end supermarkets will continue to open new stores as follows: Hangzhou Century Mart Binjiang Westlake store;7Fresh Beijing Tongzhou ONE store, Beijing Guanganmen store, Beijing Zhongguancun store, Chengdu Moma store and etc. 

Attentive food materials, attentive processing, attentive service!

Ocean Family’s fashionable food materials of global seafood wait for your coming!

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