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Mr. Hezhongwei, the mayor of Zhoushan, and his team visit Ocean Family

In the afternoon of 21th January, Mr. Hezhongwei, the mayor of Zhoushan, Mr. wangfeiyue, the general-secretary of Zhoushan municipal government, Mr. Yingyijun, the director of Zhoushan municipal government office, Mr. Suweize, the head of the bureau of economy and informatization of Zhoushan, Mr. Gansongzhang, the principal of the bureau of commerce of Zhoushan, Mr. Sunjianjun, the vice director of the office of policy research of Zhoushan CCP committee and municipal government and etc. visit Ocean Family, sticking to “the working solution to stabilize enterprises”, and investigate the company’s operation performance in 2018 and the development trend in 2019.


Mr. zengyuexiang, the general manager of Ocean Family, first of all transfers the greetings of Mr. Luweiding, the chairman of Wanxiang Group, to mayor He, thanking for his choosing of Ocean Family as the first enterprise to be investigated at the start of the new year. Mr. Zeng reports the company’s operation performance in 2018 and the first month in 2019, which overall shows the positive development trend, introduces the company’s key plans in the nest stage, including retooling and constructing distant water fisheries fishing vessels, investing and building High-Quality Seafood Industry Park, IPO, and etc., and meanwhile expresses that Ocean Family got the great support from all different governmental agencies during the past year, the firm will pursue the long-term development which will be based on Zhoushan, and hopes that the municipal government will set the priority to develop the marine economy and realize the relevant incentive policies of the demonstration zone of the development of marine economy to enterprises. 

After listening to Mr. Zeng’s report, mayor He points out: Ocean Family has been developing quite well; be confident for Ocean Family; and will track the requirements from the enterprise and will fully support the development of the enterprise.


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