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Pursue the sustainable development and repay the society

 Ocean Family achieves the good operation performance again in 2018

On 25th January, Ocean Family convenes the company’s summary and commendation meeting of 2018. Mr. Zengyuexiang, the general manager of Ocean Family, makes the speech of “pursue the sustainable development and repay the society”, sharing the values implied under “Luguanqiu Sannong Fuzhi Foundation”.

During the past 2018, Ocean Family delivers a wonderful answer sheet: operation performance hits new record again and overfulfils the working targets assigned by the board of directors, realizing the sales revenue of 3.276 billion RMB, profits of 290 million RMB, and import & export revenue of 346 million U.S. Dollars, achieving the increase of 10.8%, 12.4%, and 17.4% respectively, compared with the figure of the last year, and winning stable development during consecutive years.  

In 2018, Ocean Family pursues innovation and pioneers developments, going through multiple difficulties and unfavorable factors, achieving diversified key innovations:

1.Mr. Zengyuexiang, the general manager of Ocean Family, is selected to be one of 40 persons during the period of 40 years of reform and opening of Zhejiang province. 

2.Distant water fisheries pioneer the industry in the country: the Argentina squid fishing fleet harvests more than 19 thousand tons squid in 2018, with the year-on-year increase of 14.5%, and three fishing vessels, Xinshiji 89, 92, 95, occupies top 3 position, continuously leading the industry in the world; the purse seining fishing fleet harvests around 40 thousand tons fishes, making the new record. Especially, Xinshiji 112 harvests 1,100 tons fishes in the week of early December, creating the record of filling the hatch within7 days, and produces 13,378 tons fishes annually, being one of the purse seiner kings in the central and western Pacific Ocean.

3.Newly-built fishing vessels carry out the voyages as expected: 3 squid and 2 super-frozen tuna longline fishing vessels, as the first batch, after 11 months’ construction, successfully roll out the voyage between August to September in 2018. These new vessels achieve big optimization and update in terms of hatch volume, cruising capability, freezing capacity.

4.Carefully-planned industry park is located in Zhoushan: aiming to strengthen the company’s competiveness of seafood processing and spur the development of the seafood processing, the company decides to integrate processing bases, which are in and outside of Zhejiang province, to create the forward-thinking industry park and to build up the comprehensive Ocean Family high-quality seafood industry park. After more than dozen site selection, benchmarking, planning and discussion, the final location is fixed at Zhoushan National Distant Water Fisheries Base and the primary plan has been forged. 

5.The retailing business in the domestic market enters the express lane: sticking to the construction of all channels of “take fishes to the shore” and proactively grasping the terminal market share of competitive products, several Ocean Family’s key brand products, such as self-catching squid, red shrimp, fresh tunas, Japanese fresh fishes, Cuba lobster, and etc., have been realized. The sales revenue of domestic terminal market broke 1.2 billion RMB in 2018, with the increase of 26.8%. The reputation and influence of Ocean Family brand continuously expands.




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