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Mr. Zhongxiaojin, the VP of China Classification Society, and his group have the investigation at Ocean Family

On March 8th, Mr. Zhongxiaojin, the VP of China Classification Society (CCS), leads experts of CCS from places of Zhejiang province, Zhoushan city, and etc., to have the investigation at Ocean Family. Both parties discuss the cooperation concerns such as the innovative inspection of distant water fisheries fishing vessels, the high-quality development of distant water fisheries fishing vessels and etc. Mr. Zengyuexiang, the GM of Ocean Family and other persons host the reception.  


After Mr. Zhong listens to Mr. Zeng’s introduction, he highly praises the achievement and works of Ocean family during the past year. He points out that Ocean Family’s future blueprint and advanced concepts perfectly match the working direction of CCS. Mr. Zhong proposes, together with Ocean Family, to roll out the investigation of the development of innovative remote vessel inspection system, train crews who have the professional capability for vessel inspection to support the inspection work of CCS, and invite Ocean Family to attend the seminar of high-quality development of oceanic vessels.

Lastly, Mr. Zhong expresses that in line with the concept of safety, environment-protection, and creating value for enterprises, CCS will give the strongest support to enterprises as far as possible, encourage enterprises to innovate and try, and try all the best to do the good job for services.


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