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Mr. Zhangjie, the new director of bureau of commerce of Zhoushan, and his team visit Ocean Family

On April 29th, Mr. Zhangjie, the new director of bureau of commerce of Zhoushan, leads other 4 persons including Mr. Lijincheng, the deputy director of the bureau who is in charge of foreign economics, foreign investments and e-commerce, Mr. Yudongming, the director of the department of investment promotion, visit Ocean Family. Mr. Zengyuexiang, the general manager of Ocean Family, and others host the reception. 


Mr. Zeng introduces Wanxiang Sannong Group, Luguanqiu Sannong Fuzhi Foundation and the general situation of company, and the operation situation in 2018 and the first quarter of 2019. He focuses on the key planning layout of the company since it settled down in Zhoushan at April 2017, including updating and renovating distant water fisheries fishing vessels and building overseas bases to consolidate the resource side of distant water fisheries, investing in the construction of high-quality seafood industrial park and planning for IPO. At the same time, Mr. Zeng thanks Mr. Zhang’s investigating and serving enterprises from the just beginning of his tenure. After the company settles down in Zhoushan, the municipal bureau of commerce has given strong support to the company.            

After listening to Mr. Zeng’s introduction and reporting, Mr. Zhang points out that the development, industrial layout and strategic planning of Ocean Family is exciting, which is advanced in concept and quite unique and is highly in line with the spirit of Mr. Xijinping’s speech, which is “to make full utilization of both international and domestic resources and markets in the new era”, and is a benchmark for Zhoushan's marine economy from traditional development to modern development, and there are many things which are worthy for learning.            

Subsequently, the two sides discuss topics such as innovating policies of Free Trading Zone and the interactive development, and agree to establish a working group to discuss innovating policies regularly, aiming to trying out relevant policies in advance and creating a positive innovation environment for the better development of the company.
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