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Ocean Family’s Today Food wins a number of honors of China Canned Food Industry Association

The two-day “the fourth session of the fifth council of China Canned Food Industry Association” is grandly held in the beautiful Dianyuan Hotel of Shanghai Jinjiang from May 5th to 6th 2019. Nearly 200 experts, entrepreneurs, distributors and related professional media from the canned industry around the country attend the meeting.

During the meeting, Ocean Family’s Today Food accepts the steles and prizes several times and is awarded a number of honors by China Canned Food Industry Association: Ocean Family brand wins the leading brand of Chinese canned food in 2019; Today Food wins the leading Chinese canned food enterprise in 2019; and Mrs. Wang Qiujuan from Today Food is invited to be the expert member of the Expert Committee of China Canned Food Industry Association.


The conference focuses on the eight-character theme, which is “Brand, Green, Innovation and Development” and points out the direction for the development of China's canned industry in the future. Today Food is in line with the spirit and theme of the meeting. The production of “Ocean Family” brand canned products is benefiting from the whole industrial chain layout of the parent company, Ocean Family. From the bows of distant water fisheries vessels to dining tables, focusing on green, natural, creative and dynamic, the firm continuously improves the production techniques during the process of growth and develops several lines of canned products which are suitable for consumers’ tastes, including: cans of tuna in oil, cans of spicy tuna, cans of vegetable and tuna, cans of soya beans and tuna, cans of plum juice and saury and etc., providing consumers with quality healthy food, and being worthy of becoming the leading brand and leading enterprise of canned food in China.

Wining these honors will encourage Ocean Family’s Today Food to move forward, continuously striving for excellence and providing consumers with more green, natural, healthy and delicious seafood.


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