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Ocean Family makes the appointment with you at “knowing the taste of Hangzhou”│ Asian Food Festival
From May 15th to 19th, as the important component of Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations, “knowing the taste of Hangzhou”Asian Food Festival is grandly opened in Qianjiang New Town. An Asian Food Culture Park (exhibition), which covers 110,000 square meters, "opens the door" to embrace food connoisseurs from each part of the world. 56 countries and regions, including Malaysia, Australia, Spain, the United States and etc., come to Hangzhou to participate in the exhibition, demonstrating and selling unique snacks, food, beverages and so on.
As the member of “knowing the taste of Hangzhou”, Ocean Family makes the stage pose at the theme exhibition area of “Taste: Qianjiang Street” in the food festival, processes and provides products such as sushi, eel rice, fried and breaded shrimp, tuna roll, fish floss roll, and etc., attracting many guests to try the taste, and promotes and sells products like canned tuna and etc.
Are you ready to try all kinds of Asian food without going out of Hangzhou? Ocean Family welcomes your coming!
Booth number: F2, F exhibition area, Taste: Qianjiang Street
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