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The first Oslo-Beijing direct flight, the first show of real Arctic salmon in China

On May 15th 2019, Beijing-Oslo direct flight officially starts. This is the first direct passenger flight route between China and Norway, which will greatly facilitate personnel exchanges between China and Norway and promote the development of commerce, tourism and trade.

Speaking of Norway, people will naturally imagine the delicacy of salmon from the pure waters of the polar fjord. HU770 of Hainan Airlines, executing the first direct flight between China and Norway, arrives in Beijing on May 16th 2019, with more than 3 tons of fresh salmon directly purchased by Ocean Family from Cermaq Norway. For Ocean Family, this means shorter delivery time, more convenient customs clearance and more adequate supply of Norwegian salmon. For gourmets in Beijing and North China, this means that they will be able to taste fresher salmon.

After completing the first single importing order of Norwegian salmon’s reentering into the Chinese market on August 28th 2017, Ocean Family has been actively exploiting the salmon business, and has realized import customs clearance of frozen salmon in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Beijing, to supply markets in different regions. With the opening of Beijing-Oslo direct flights, customs clearance, logistics and distribution, which have been become mature, will be better. The direct flights, which are three flights per week, can reduce the delivery time of Norwegian salmon to Beijing by 1-2 days, greatly improving the freshness of salmon without flight connection and offering more diversified and flexible forms of sales, which is the good news for consumers.

The real Arctic salmon (True Arctic SALMON), offered to the Chinese market through direct flights by Ocean Family and Cermaq, is Cermaq's key brand launched this year, and is also the first time that this brand officially enters the Chinese market. True Arctic Salmon, from Cermaq's fishing ground in the Arctic Circle, is Cermaq’s unique salmon which really comes from the Arctic, focusing on the high-end market as the high-quality, safe, pollution-free and unique product.           

Let's expect that direct flights will bring more Norwegian seafood delicacies to our people, and that more cities will open such direct flights.


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