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The top event of the fisheries industry in the world

From October 30th to November 1st 2019, the 24th China Fisheries and Seafood Expo is held at Qingdao. With its international perspective and professional standard, the Expo has won the trust of the global aquatic industry and become the world’s largest aquatic trade exhibition. More than 1,500 enterprises from 51 countries and regions participate in this exhibition.

This year, Ocean Family sets up the domestic and international pavilions simultaneously, showing our high-quality product mix of marine food and diversified products to buyers, suppliers and consumers at home and abroad, who come to visit and negotiate.


The displayed products cover distant water fisheries series and its relevant derived products, deep processing series, imported high-quality seafood, Zhoushan geographical indications product series


During this Expo, Ocean Family also launches the series of non-canned concept products, presenting cans by transparent lids. So, consumers can see through the product content at a glance, not only improving the aesthetic feeling of product packaging and the convenience of usage, but also directly presenting the product quality at a glance, which fully demonstrates Ocean Family’s control over the quality and the strength of the company.


At the same time, the company launches a series of Wanhua, with 85% - 97% of its shrimp meat content, conquering all on-site visitors, and all taste-testers give the praise. The booth of Ocean Family not only gathers fresh fish and aquatic products from all over the world, but also demonstrates the rare fresh fish dissection show one after another, which can be called as a feast with great visual and taste impact!


At the opening of the first day of the Expo, Ocean Family wins the audience’s attentions through a TAFCO bluefin tuna dissection show, which was the No.1 from the national bluefin tuna review conference of Japan. The chef’s professional knifing technique shocks everyone on the site and the show becomes the most popular food show of the Expo.


In addition to the opening bluefin tuna dissection show, Ocean Family also carries out the series of wonderful activities, in the domestic exhibition hall, such as the dissection show of bigeye tuna caught in Kiribati sea area, the dissection show of four kinds of yellowtails from different regions of Japan, salmon tasting, sushi tasting, Wanhua series tasting, Hokkaido food ingredients tasting, Brunei blue shrimp tasting, and etc.


At the international exhibition hall, activities such as Daoshui tuna dissection show, Ōita-shi yellowtail tasting, Kochi frozen red snapper tasting, the Nagasaki fresh fish tasting, the Japanese oyster tasting and so on, are rolled out. The company also organizes the diversified interactions with the audience.


During the exhibition, Ocean Family has also conducted the fruitful communication with a number of domestic and foreign suppliers in terms of product supply and sales cooperation, striving to provide domestic consumers with high-quality marine food from all over the world.


On the evening of October 30th, Mr. Zengbo, the general manager, has the speech entitled “sustainable development, win-win cooperation” at Ocean Family’s thanks party, which gathers many participants. He shares the values contained in the “Luguanqiu Sannong Fuzhi fund”, and Ocean Family’s efforts made for the sustainable development of fisheries resources and future development plan, and clarifies the goal committed by Ocean Family to repay the society and protect the resources.


More than 190 guests, including the deputy secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture of Argentina, leaders from Maruha Nichiro Co., Ltd., Nippon Suisan Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Corporation, Leroy, Cermaq, Norway Ocean Quality, Toyo Reizo, a number of domestic e-commerce platforms and catering chain enterprises, such as JD.com, COFCO Haiyou, Hangzhou Lianhua, Yonghui supermarket, Huanglong Hotel, Shenyang xianmeida, Shanghai Yujiang, Haidilao, and other partners, attend the party.           


Together with all partners, Ocean Family will continuously work hard to provide safe, reassuring, healthy and delicious seafood to consumers.



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