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Ocean Family’s tuna experience pavilion at Hangzhou EAC opens

 supply high-quality healthy products to match the happy lifestyle

On December 12th, the Ocean Family’s tuna experience pavilion at Hangzhou EAC grandly opens. This is the 14th experience pavilion opened by Ocean Family in China.

Hangzhou is one of the two sub-center cities in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle. With the development of economy, the demand of local consumers for food, especially high-standard seafood is also increasing. The safety and health of food has always been the most concern for consumers. Ocean Family’s tuna experience pavilions meet this demand and satisfy people’s expectation for a happy life.

During the opening, Ocean Family presents a tuna with a length of 1.5m and a weight of 80kg, which is dissected on the site for consumers to taste for free and buy at a preferential price, and is deeply loved by consumers.

Ocean Family builds up its own distant water fishing fleets, securing the food safety from the source, which is also the unique competitive advantage of Ocean Family.

Right now, Ocean Family has opened 14 tuna catering experience pavilions and 50 high-end seafood direct-selling stores and supermarket seafood counters in many cities within the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei regions, winning the warm market reactions.

Ocean Family tuna experience pavilion at Hangzhou EAC

Address: No. 1109-5, 1109-6, 1109-7, Xiangwang street, First floor, Million China International EAC, Cangqian sub-District, Yuhang District, Hangzhou

Tel: 0571-86711770

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