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Ocean Family won the Outstanding Contribution Award for

Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province, Department of Commerce of Hubei Province, and Federation of Industry and Commerce of Zhejiang Province held the "Initiation Ceremony of the Hubei Agricultural Products come to Zhejiang and Yangtze River Delta Agricultural Products Production and Sales Docking Conference" on June 12th at Hangzhou Huanglong Hotel. The theme of the event is "Love in Jingchumeet in Zhejiang", strengthen the interconnection and industrial cooperation between Zhejiang and Hubei's rural commercial, help to sell Hubei's slow-selling agricultural products, promote market consumption, hedge the impact of the epidemic, and promote the steady development of social economic of Zhejiang and Hubei .


Sheng Qiuping, Party Secretary of the Party Group and Director of Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province, and Qin Jun, Party Secretary of the Party Group and Director of Department of Commerce of Hubei Province, made speeches respectively, calling on agricultural enterprises and circulation enterprises of the two provinces to integrate businesses, help each other, unite as one, and educate in the crisis, to open a new stage in the changing situation, create a new chapter of commercial cooperation between Zhejiang and Hubei.

During the conference, Zhejiang Ocean Family Co., Ltd. and other 15 enterprises were awarded the Outstanding Contribution Award for " Anti-epidemic, help Agricultural and ensure Supply ", commending these enterprises’ outstanding contributions for helping Hubei to fight against the epidemic and ensuring the supply.


During the epidemic, in order to ensure the supply of local people's livelihoods in Wuhan, the terminal sales department of Oceanic Family has a special task to ensure Wuhan do not "out of stock". During the period from January to March, a total of three deliveries were made to supermarket such as Wuhan FRESHIPPO. The logistics department arranged delivery vehicles to Wuhan for 30 hours each time and waited overnight for the store to open. The delivery staff were quarantined for 14 days after arriving in Wuhan as required, also quarantined for 14 days after returning to the place of delivery. Through these efforts, people in Wuhan can still taste safe, healthy and delicious seafood during the epidemic.

In addition, Ocean Family also assisted the China Ocean Fisheries Association to complete the emergency processing task and delivery of donating 105,000 cans of tuna to the front line of Hubei's anti-epidemic. In order to complete this glorious task on behalf of the entire ocean fishery industry in China, our vice chairman Zeng Yuexiang personally arranged production and logistics. The subordinate Ningbo Fenghua Aquatic Products Processing Base worked overtime and elaborately, completed the processing of 105,000 cans of canned tuna with quality and quantity. Overcome the difficulties of manpower and traffic scheduling, delivered to Wuhan and Guangshui on time. Six designated hospitals in Wuhan and front-line medical staff from Beijing, Xinjiang, Jiangsu, Shandong and other medical teams who supported Wuhan received the donation.

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