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Ocean Family's entire industry chain presented at the 2020 Shanghai Fisheries Expo Goods from ocean show extraordinary achievement

On August 26-28, 2020, the 15th Shanghai International Fisheries Expo was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Ocean Family, with its oceangoing self-fishing series, ultra-low temperature tuna products, imported chilled fish series, pre-packaged retail series and other global high-quality seafood, once again presented at the 2020 Shanghai Fishing Expo, fully demonstrating the entire industrial chain operation mode of “Ocean fishing, deep processing, terminal logistics” built by Ocean Family to the vast number of consumers. With its beautiful exhibition hall design, abundant and high-quality product line, Ocean Family has become a beautiful scenery line in the whole exhibition period of Shanghai Fishing Expo. At the same time, there are also on-site cooking, made a number of products, attracted many people from aquatic industry and catering industry, as well as new and old customers to consult and negotiate.


Over the years, Ocean Family has been actively committed to the construction and improvement of the entire industrial chain and whole-process traceability system of Marine aquatic food manufacturing, and constantly innovates and upgrades products and channels to meet the opportunities and challenges brought by market changes. In addition to diversified product lines, Ocean Family also showcased many newly developed and newly packaged products, such as Albacore tuna fish fillet series with transparent lid, which aroused great interest from audiences both inside and outside the industry. Albion tuna fillet raw material is Albacore tuna caught in the clean waters of the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean by Ocean Family ultra-low temperature longline fishing fleet, and it is cryogenically frozen on board, which ensures its freshness and nutrition to the maximum extent. Albacore tuna is a white-body fish unique to the tuna family. The flesh is light pink, rich in moisture, soft in texture, and easy to cook. Transparent lid canned food series include tuna, salmon, mackerel, etc.; good quality is visible, good taste, easy to open, transparent lid canned food series has undergone multiple upgrades from appearance design to internal preservation technology, renewed inside and outside, brand sense and quality increase is greatly improved, in order to bring a more wonderful product experience to consumers.


During the exhibition, Ocean Family was also invited to participate in the activities organized by the organizer in the W3 Pavilion on August 26. At 13:00 that day, the event with the theme "Ocean Family Bluefin Tuna Disintegration Show and Product Promotion" kicked off. The company staff first introduced and explained the product characteristics of tuna fillets, canned tuna, shrimp slips, etc. Nearly 200 catties of chilled bluefin tuna were performed in a Disintegration show. A large number of people gathered at the scene. Everyone rushed to experience this unique and exciting moment.


It is understood that due to the epidemic, the three major international seafood and fisheries expos in Boston, Brussels, Belgium and Qingdao, China have successively announced the closure. The significance of the 2020 Shanghai Fisheries Expo being held on schedule is even more extraordinary. In this context, Ocean Family still participates in the exhibition with a large area of booths, which not only reflects the strong desire of the company to keep extensive communication and in-depth discussion on market development with its seafood and aquatic counterparts by virtue of such platforms and opportunities, but also demonstrates the strong strength of Ocean family and its firm confidence in the seafood and aquatic industry.

In order to realize the transition from the ocean to the dining table, and to enable more consumers to enjoy the ocean delicacies in a more convenient way, Ocean Family has continuously integrated and utilized global resources, carried out innovation system construction, built a leading advantage, and made efforts to enrich consumers' dining experience with safe, secure, healthy and delicious diversified Marine foods.

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