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"Cloud Capture" and "Cloud shoping and tasting" at the East China Sea Fishing Festival

September 16 to September 19, 2020, the East China Sea Fishing Festival via the launching ceremony of Zhoushan Ocean Fishing Festival was held at Zhoushan Ocean Fishing Base. More than 1,680 fishing vessels such as trawling and sailing nets sailed toward the fishing grounds. More than 270,000 people participated in the "cloud capture" from Zhoushan Municipal Government, Zhoushan Municipal Bureau of Commerce and other sponsors, Zhoushan Daily, Zhoushan Evening News and other media units, Taobao, Tmall, Tiktok and other e-commerce platforms.

At the tuna opening ceremony, a fresh bluefin tuna weighing 160 kilograms from Ocean Family made its debut, boosting the opening  ceremony.

Ocean Family opened a product Pavilion at this event to display the company's entire tuna industry chain for consumers, as well as the company's full series of canned tuna, children's dried fish floss series, Zhoushan selection series, ocean fishing pre-packaged retail series, etc. The high-quality seafood makes people exciting, and they also enjoyed the Featured Ocean Products different from Zhoushan fishing grounds. They stand out among many seafood and lead the fashion of consumption. 

During the fishing festival, the on-site Ocean Family Pavilion held tuna sandwiches and cheese stick tasting activities, online JD flagship store live flash sale, Tmall flagship store had the activity of buy one get one free, Tiktok live broadcast and other series of activities, in the form of offline linkage online, Ocean Family's abundant and high-quality product display was launched, and the "Cloud Shopping Exhibition" four-day carnival was launched. The wonderful activities attracted many new and old customers and online fans who came to visit.


Leaders from Zhoushan Municipal Government and Municipal Bureau of Commerce visited the Ocean Family Pavilion, tasted and liked the tuna sandwich.

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