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Looking for "fresh" and talents•Enjoy the taste in Zhoushan Ocean Family Carries out in-depth cooperation with representatives of various provincial catering associations

On the morning of September 27, 2020, a promotion event for Shanghai catering companies to enter Zhoushan was held in Zhoushan Aquatic City. The theme of this event is Looking for "fresh" and talents·Enjoy the taste in Zhoushan. Supporting product display, on-site docking between buyers and sellers, field inspections and other activities. Nearly 100 guests attended the event on behalf of Shanghai famous catering industry enterprises, businesses and catering industry association.

Ocean Family set up canned room temperature and frozen products area at the promotion site, and showed the company's main products to the representatives attending the activity: Tuna in oil series, Canned Tuna Flavor Series, Tuna fish Pine fish Cake series, The newly developed non-can series of canned tuna and series of casual sea foods ready to eat. Ocean fishing ultra-low temperature tuna products and squid, Argentine red shrimp, South American white shrimp and other imported chilled series, company independent research and development of fish ball and fish slip for hot pot series and other pre-packaged frozen Marine products.


In response to the call of the State Council on supporting the transfer of export products to domestic market, Ocean Family has actively explored the domestic market in recent years and promoted the mutual benefit and win-win situation of the company and catering enterprises in various regions. In the event site and the provinces catering association representatives for the signing ceremony.

During the meeting, Mr. Zeng Bo, general manager of Ocean Family, made a speech, introducing the company's general situation, main products, the market direction in the catering industry, the company's targeted services in product customization development and marketing promotion in the catering industry, and the further planning of Ocean family's efforts to build Zhoushan seafood brand.


We believe that with the cooperation of the company and the catering industry around the strong, complementary advantages, can develop more innovative and delicious products. Jointly promote terminal sales in the domestic market to bring more safe, healthy and delicious Marine food to consumers.


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