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Ocean Family made experience exchange in Zhoushan distant-water fishery high quality development promotion conference


On October 22, Zhoushan Distant-Water Fisheries High-quality Development Promotion Conference was grandly held. The conference focused on the deployment of Zhoushan distant-water fisheries development work in the next five years. It strengthened confidence, established ambition and determined determination, and sounded the clarion call for our city's distant-water fishery to advance from large to strong in the next five years. Mayor He Zhongwei chaired the meeting, the municipal party committee secretary Yu Donglai made a report of mobilization, Zhang Mingchao, director of the Municipal People’s Congress, Wang Wei, chairman of the CPPCC, Jiang Jianming, member of the Municipal Party Committee, and Liu Yongyi, member of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary-General Liu Yongyi attended the meeting. Furthermore, industry associations, enterprises related to the primary, secondary and tertiary industries of deep-sea fishery, and news media units attended the meeting.

Mayor He Zhongwei chaired the meeting, the municipal party committee secretary yu east and made a report of mobilization, ming-chau chang, director of the municipal standing committee of the municipal party committee of the CPPCC chairman wang wei Jiang Jianming and the standing committee of the municipal party committee secretary general Liu Yongyi to attend the meeting, the relevant functional departments in the city and county district government leading scientific research colleges and universities of industry association and fishing two tertiary industry related enterprise news media unit to attend the meeting.

The conference honored 11 people who have made outstanding contributions to the continuous development of Zhoushan distant-water fishery in the past 35 years, represented by Zeng Yuexiang, executive director of Ocean Family, and awarded them the Outstanding contribution Award of Zhoushan distant-water fishery development.


Executive director Zeng Yuexiang, on behalf of Zhejiang Ocean Family Co., LTD., made a speech on “optimizing industrial layout and promoting long-term development” at the meeting, which was highly appraised and recognized by the participants. This is also the city's only distant-water fishing enterprise to speak at the meeting.


Secretary Yu Donglai reviewed and summarized the arduous struggle of Zhoushan distant-water fishery, and stressed that we should have firm confidence and determination, benchmark advanced areas, establish the ambition of "China's offshore fisheries see Zhoushan" and do a good job in the high-quality development of China distant-water fishery. And clearly put forward to uphold the concept of green and sustainable development, comprehensive construction of China distant-water fishery top 1 city. At the conference, Secretary Yu Donglai fully affirmed Zhejiang Ocean Family Co., Ltd.’s full industrial chain business model integrating fishing, industry and trade, and highly appreciated the company’s strategic layout of resource-side investment in Kiribati and its contribution to reestablish diplomatic relations between Kiribati and China. He asked the city's distant-water fishery enterprises to learn from Ocean Family, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, to build a maritime power.



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