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Ocean Family is listed among the top 50 private enterprises Multinational Operations in Zhejiang province


On October 23, the 4th Zhejiang Native Multinational Company Growth Forum and the launching ceremony of the "Silk Road Pilot" Action Plan was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. The list of the "Top 50 Zhejiang Native Private Enterprises Multinational Operations in 2020" was officially announced. Zhejiang Ocean Family Co., Ltd. is on the list for the first time, achieving the breakthrough of no enterprises on the list in Zhoushan region, and is also the only comprehensive food enterprise of the whole industrial chain on the list. 

It is understood that the “top 50” list was released by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, Zhejiang Zhijiang Institute of Transnational Corporations and Zhejiang Provincial Association of Overseas Investment Enterprises. According to the database of “Zhejiang Provincial Enterprise transnational operation performance evaluation and monitoring Platform” and the data indexes such as non-financial enterprises overseas transnational index, overseas investment driving export, etc., the global resource factor integration ability, multinational Operations level, multinational operation performance, compliance operation and other aspects of the enterprise are assigned according to the weight ratio. Through expert argumentation, it is finally ranked according to the scores from large to small.

Ocean family listed in “2020 Zhejiang province native top 50 private enterprises transnational operation” is the full affirmation and recognition of the economic and social benefits created by the company's multinational operations and global fishery resources integration by the Provincial Department of Commerce and the Provincial Association of Overseas Investment Enterprises. It is also a kind of incentive and spur, encourages us to further develop and expand our international business, with internal and external linkage binary, to make a strong headquarters in global layout.

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