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Ocean Family obtained the certificate of compliance with the safety management system of CCS ocean-going fishery enterprises


On July 15, Zhejiang Ocean Family Co., Ltd. held a ceremony to award the certificate of compliance with the safety management system of ocean-going fishery enterprises, which marked Ocean Family became the first private fishery enterprise to obtain the certificate of compliance with the safety management system of China Classification Society (CCS) ocean-going fishery enterprises in China, and also the first ocean-going fishery enterprise in the province to obtain the certificate of compliance. The relevant leaders of Zhoushan Marine Fishery Bureau, Dinghai District Agricultural and Rural Bureau and Zhoushan Ocean Fishing Association, CCS Zhejiang Branch General Manager Cai Yanxian and Ocean Family General Manager Zeng Bo attended the ceremony.


Aiming to improve the safety risk prevention management level of ocean-going fishing vessels, promote the safe, standardized and orderly production of fishing, strengthen the safety of vessels, personnel, property and production operations, and control environmental pollution, Ocean Family established the Safety Management System Group for ocean-going fishing enterprises at the end of December 2020 and started the construction of safety quality system for ocean-going fishing enterprises. Under the careful guidance of China Classification Society (CCS), combined with the actual situation of the enterprise itself, a scientific and long-term "Safety Management Manual" was formulated and formally implemented at the beginning of this year, and successfully passed the assessment of our safety management system by CCS at the end of June.

The safety management system assessment of China Classification Society is of great significance, and the safety management of the company has been advancing to a new level, promoting the normalization, standardization and systematization of the safety management of the enterprise, further improving the level of safety management and risk prevention and control ability, effectively improving the ability to perform, helping the enterprise to achieve sustainable and healthy development, playing a leading role as a model for the city's ocean-going fishery enterprises, and contributing to the high-quality development of ocean-going fishery. 

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