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Ocean Family offers assistance, ocean fishing has great love

 Recently, Guangdong Ocean Fishing Association and Shenzhen Water Bay Ocean Fishing Co., Ltd. sent a letter to express their heartfelt thanks to Zhoushan Ocean Fishing Association and Zhejiang Ocean Family Co. Ltd. for fully promoting the humanitarian spirit of 'When one side is in trouble, all sides will help, the epidemic has no mercy, but the ocean fishing has great love' and demonstrating the mission of ocean-going fishermen, promptly offering assistance to save and treat the captain of the fishing vessel 'Zhong Yang 29' and cure him"

Ocean-going fishing vessels are always operating in the open sea fishing grounds, subject to objective conditions and many factors, the lack of medical treatment at sea is normalized, and the sea medical treatment of ocean-going crew has become a major problem. In order to protect the lives of seafarers, in early 2020, Ocean Family actively responded to the innovative initiative of Zhoushan Municipal Government and Zhoushan Ocean and Fishery Bureau to jointly build a remote medical rescue platform at sea, using the company's online intelligent management system for ocean-going fishing vessels to transform three production vessels, Xin Shi Ji 65, Xin Shi Ji 75 and Xin Shi Ji 86, operating in the Western and Central Pacific, Indian Ocean and Eastern Pacific, into remote medical rescue vessels. Under the active coordination of the municipal government, the remote video consultation and treatment support will be conducted by combining the abundant medical resources of Zhoushan Hospital on land, so that the sick and injured crew members can receive timely and effective treatment at the first time, providing medical rescue services for China's ocean-going fishing vessels operating in the three ocean areas and providing medical rescue services for the vast number of crew members in the deep ocean.

Since the establishment of the Maritime Telemedicine Studio, Ocean Family has rescued and treated the crew members of "Xin Shi Ji 209" and "Zhongyang 19" of Zhejiang Xinlong Ocean Fishing Co. Ltd., and "Jin Sheng 3" of CNFC Overseas Fishery Co., Ltd. Zhoushan Branch, and "Zhong Yang 29" of Shenzhen Water Bay Ocean Fishing Co., Ltd., writing a hymn of love with practical actions!


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