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Ocean Family was awarded the first "Blue Ocean Pioneer" in Zhoushan City

On July 28, "protect the 100 years of building the party and speak the first lesson of fishing" 2021 Zhoushan City Fisheries Safety theme report was held successfully, which is the first time to promote fisheries safety in the form of a report in Zhoushan. At the meeting, 4 enterprises such as Ocean Family were recognized as the first batch of "Blue Ocean Pioneer" in Zhoushan.

At present, Zhoushan marine fisheries system is creating a "Blue Ocean Pioneer" party building brand, promote the "create a center + create a union + pioneer post" model, and continue to improve the ability and level of fisheries safety. The first class director, municipal party committee, municipal government party group member Jiang Jianming made a mobilization speech, hoping that the city's fishermen and the city's relevant departments at all levels together, shouldering the burden of fisheries safety production, guarding the lives and property of fishermen, and create a harmonious and safe fishing area.

"The responsibility of production safety is more important than Mount Tai". Since its establishment, Ocean Family has been conscientiously and strictly implementing the relevant regulations and documents of the higher government departments on fishery safety production, in accordance with the unified arrangement and deployment of the provincial, municipal and district authorities at all levels, closely focusing on the policy of "the country is people-oriented, people are food-oriented, and food is safety-oriented", insisting on "Safety first, prevention primarily", combined with the actual situation of the company, to develop a series of safety production rules and regulations, operating procedures and emergency plans, establish a safety management system for ocean-going fishery enterprises, comprehensively strengthen production safety management, standardize fishery safety production behavior, pay close attention to fishery safety production and put it into practice. All ocean-going fishing vessels carry out from time to time the inspection of hidden dangers of equipment and facilities, safety inspection and fire drills, etc., strengthen the training of foreign-related safety precautions, improve the coping ability of managers and crew members as well as the awareness of self-protection, eliminate safety accidents, ensure the safety of ships at sea and the safety of crew members' lives and properties. In recent years, no major safety accidents and foreign-related incidents have occurred in Ocean Family.

The commendation is not only a recognition of Ocean Family's safety work, but also a motivation to move forward. In the future, Ocean Family will continue to shoulder the heavy responsibility of fishery safety production, and travel steadily on the road of safety to achieve sustainable and healthy development.

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