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Deep Sea Goodies Innovate New Quality Products Widely Praised

 Ocean Family won the "2021 FHC Golden Apple Award Best Seafood Brand of the Year"

Recently, Ocean Family participated in the 25th FHC Shanghai Global Food Expo and won the "2021 FHC Golden Apple Award Best Aquatic Seafood Brand of the Year".

Shanghai Global Food Expo was held on November 9-11, with a total area of 200,000 square meters, a total of more than 2,800 exhibitors, more than 135,000 visitors to the show, under the background of the normalization of the epidemic, the sudden cooling brought heavy difficulties to the exhibitors, Ocean Family faced up to the difficulties, fully mobilized personnel, products, the high quality of deep processing of aquatic products, supermarkets and hotels for seafood ingredients and this year's new research and development of pre-prepared dishes, light food series of marine products to the exhibition stage, through the display, promotion, sampling to give marine food more vivid vitality, to help the industry to innovate.

At the exhibition, Ocean Family focused on promoting the company's newly developed light food products, pre-seasoned shrimp series products and hot pot ball slider series products. Prepared seasoned shrimp series products and hot pot pill slide series products were loved by consumers through their high quality and unique taste, attracting an endless stream of people to try them and attracting many industry professionals and new and old customers to taste, consult and negotiate. Light food series products - shrimp seafood Pochi rice, the main focus of young and healthy, high protein and low-carb, consumption of zero burden, for a new generation of consumers to bring a variety of choices, especially by women, white-collar market, but also by the light food industry businessmen's favor.

The company has been committed to the construction and improvement of the whole industry chain and the whole traceability system of marine aquatic food manufacturing for many years, and constantly upgrades through product and channel innovation to meet the opportunities and challenges brought by market changes. Ocean Family Marine Premium awakens the taste buds of 1.4 billion people and strives to enrich consumers' dining experience with safe, secure, healthy and delicious diversified marine food.

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