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Company Objective:To achieve sustainable development and contribute to the society.
Company Mission:To provid more safe, reassuring, natural and delicious seafood to consumers at home and abroad.
Company Vision:To become a respectable modern enterprise with competitiveness, influence and considerable market share and to establish gradually the leading position in the industry.
Development Orientation:Based on ocean fisheries, expending seafood processing, developing trade & logistics and building up company brand.
Business Strategy:Conducting professional management and international operation, integrating fisheries, seafood processing and trade, and linking the production chain through its upstream and downstream.
Quality Concept:To produce supreme quality seafood with high quality raw materials, advanced technology, scientific management, improved service and the spirit of continuous improvement, in order to satisfy the requirements of markets as well as customers.
Company Spirit:Responsibility achieves success.
Core Value:Sincere integrity, action-oriented, high efficiency and creative innovation.


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