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The delegation of 7-Eleven visits Ocean Family

Recently, Mr. Matsuda Kazuno, the deputy manager of the general commodity department of 7-Eleven (Beijing) Ltd., and his group visit Ocean Family. After the communication, both parties define the direction and demands for the future corporation. Ocean Family mainly markets the domestic end-markets, with key lines of products including tuna series, shrimp series, Zhoushan traditional aquatic products, imported natural seafood series, and etc., and exploits the retailing and wholesale business in China by using seafood under Ocean Family’s own brand. North Supreme Seafood Co., Ltd. is the base of comprehensive processing of aquatic products and the logistic hub of domestic selling for Ocean Family, with the annual processing capability of 5,000 tons of all kinds of shrimps. Today Food Co., Ltd. is the base of tuna canning and tuna loin processing, with the annual processing capability of more than 50,000 tons of raw tuna and mackerel.

7-Eleven Supermarket owns more than 8,000 stores in China, providing various products for consumers. Its ready-to-eat products achieve rapid growth in the past few years, becoming the new consumption trend. During the visit, Mrs. Tanghua, the director of retailing business department of Ocean Family, introduces main products and sales situation of the company to guests, and accompanies guests to visit North Supreme Seafood Co., Ltd. and Today Food Co., Ltd. of Ocean Family. After the full-facet investigation to the original resource and deep-processing capability of Ocean Family, 7-Eleven Supermarket raises the cooperation direction and demands for the aquatic processed products, seasoning products, and end-products of Ocean Family. Both sides hope to create the space for common development in the area of aquatic processed products.
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