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Strengthen the cohesion, support the development
Ocean Family convenes representatives of the unit of tuna purse 
seining fishing to have the heart-talking meeting of development

At April 28th, focusing on the developing and strengthening the unit of tuna purse seining fishing, just at the moment of the departure of Xinshiji 111 and Xinshiji 112, the firm hosts the heart-talking meeting of development to talk plan, explain policies, set the target, drive the enthusiasm, and support the development. The meeting is emceed by Mr. Zengyuexiang, the general manager of Ocean Family, leaders of the company, representatives from fishing management and relevant departments also attend the meeting. 

The meeting confirms that the company will built 5 new large-scale tuna purse seining fishing vessels, aiming to underpin the foundation of the planning seafood industry clustering area. Combining with the development, the meeting explains the economic policies of the unit of tuna purse seining fishing, which has been continuously improved after investigations, in order to spur the enthusiasm of crew. The meeting also requests the unit of tuna purse seining fishing to strengthen the safe production, reinforce the fishing management, leverage the enthusiasm of teams, increase the efficiency of the voyage, and purse the high-production and high-efficiency of fishing.

The meeting hopes that company’s crew can introduce and raise more excellent crew to refine fishing talents of Ocean Family.

Aiming to consolidate and intensify the atmosphere of fishing fleets, the company grandly organizes the pledge dinner for departure. People gather together to have the drink to enhance the morale, making the safe harvesting together.  
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