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Ocean Family ocean-going goodies appear at the 25th Qingdao·China International Fisheries&Seafood Expo to lead the new scene of consumption

   From October 27 to 29, Ocean Family participated in the 25th Qingdao China International Fisheries&Seafood Expo hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, comprehensively displaying the company's ocean fishing, deep processing, imported seafood, Zhoushan geographical indications and other series of products, a number of wonderful promotion activities, and for the first time in the field to carry out live webcam with goods, the booth attracted many Chinese and foreign exhibitors, achieving double gains in publicity and business. Ocean Family and 970 enterprises from 19 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, America and Oceania to share the annual marine feast.



   Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Ma Youxiang and other leaders and experts visit Dayang Shijia booth (Photo source: Aquaculture.com)
   The exhibition covers the company's ocean self-caught tuna series products, Japanese farmed bluefin tuna, fresh fish imported from Nagasaki, pre-made dish series, canned tuna products, squid, shrimp series and seafood gift pack series products, which almost cover the needs of the whole catering channel. For the needs of different customers, Ocean Family provides targeted business cooperation model to help customers operate the products better, which attracts many customers to consult and place orders.
Ocean Family pays increasing attention to the pursuit of marine food quality, this exhibition, the company focused on the newly developed light food series products and pre-prepared dishes, focusing on youth, nutrition, no burden of consumption, to provide a new generation of consumers with more nutritious, convenient and delicious marine food. During the exhibition, the company's products were presented to consumers through a variety of promotional sampling activities, which attracted an endless stream of exhibitors to take pictures and set off a rush to try and purchase.
   Ocean Family not only focuses on the production and development of marine food, but also pays close attention to the current consumer scene. Ocean Family joins the "Global Fishery Business Association" launched for the first time in the exhibition, which integrates online services with offline exhibitions through a digital, intelligent and international fishery B2B business platform, allowing more global exhibitors and buyers to see Ocean Family's exhibits overcoming time and space barriers. Meanwhile, we have also launched the Ocean Family Fishery Expo Live Streaming Room, linking the net celebrities for live streaming, pushing the exhibits and on-site activities directly to the consumers' eyes, and enhancing the development vitality of Ocean Family with the dual drive of online and offline.
   The last two years by the serious impact of the epidemic, Fishery&Seafood Expo held smoothly and orderly is not easy. The company will continue to integrate the use of global resources, based on offshore fishing, aquatic products manufacturing as the core, vigorously expand the domestic market terminal sales, and continue to improve the construction of the marine food industry chain.
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