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Large Tuna Purse Seine Vessel XINSHIJI 111 Sets Sail in the New Year

January 7, 11 a.m., the sun shines brightly, the firecrackers roar, with the last cable leaped out of the wharf with the cable piles, rowing through the air, fluttering back to the deck, the large-scale tuna purse seiner slowly sailed away from the wharf after nearly 2 months of repairs, this is the Ocean Family New Year 2024, the first ocean-going fishing vessel, which will set sail, break the waves and head for the Central and Western Pacific Ocean operation to open the new voyage to gallop in the great ocean of harvest and abundance of the magnificent chapter. This voyage will be another two years, the coast on both sides of the ship, Ocean Family Fishery headquarter colleagues and family members of the crew, said goodbye to the captain of the ship in front of the window of the cockpit and the crew on the deck, and jointly wished that this group of friends and relatives who will be fighting for two years on the front line of the ocean, safe, smooth and healthy, and the catch of fish full of pods!


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