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Ocean Family held the 2023 Annual Meeting of Wrap-up and Recognition

 To the advanced, gather strength, and start again

On February 1, Ocean Family held the 2023 Annual Meeting of Wrap-up and Recognition to summarize the 2023 annual business work, to encourage the recognition of the 2023 annual "creation", "entrepreneurship", "innovation" honorary title, and the deployment of the 2024 annual business plan. Shen Zhijun, general manager of Ocean Family, made a concluding speech, calling on all the staff of Ocean Family to adhere to the mission of "rural development, modernization of agriculture, and enrichment of farmers", carry forward the spirit of Lu Guanqiu, keep the right and innovation, get up and go, dare to break through, boldly go out, and continue to build a convergence of the development of fishing, aquaculture, processing, cold chain, distribution, market and brand building. Mrs. Shi Peiying, Deputy General Manager of the Company, presided over the meeting.

In his speech, Shen summarized the results of the company's work in 2023 and shared the practical, new, significant and meaningful events in 2023: First, to strengthen the deep integration of industry, academia and research, and to promote the high-quality development of offshore fishery, the company's three major offshore fishing fleet total output of over 90,000 tons in 2023, with a total output value of nearly 1.4 billion yuan, which is a record high, of which the large-scale tuna purse seiner KIBENA3 annual output of 12,200 tons, won the championship of the single-boat production of domestic purse seiners; Continuously implementing and executing the CCS safety management standard system, technology empowerment, intelligent fishing, safe production, and strictly doing the international compliance work, the company's compliance assessment score for the year 2022 topped the list among 173 counterparts in the country, as comprehensively assessed by the Bureau of Fisheries and Fisheries Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs; Secondly, we will continue to actively implement the national "One Belt, One Road" strategy, consolidate the first-mover advantage of the end of scarce resources, and steadily push forward the investment and construction of Kiribati's fisheries cooperation projects. The first three large tuna purse seiners and three fiberglass tuna longline vessels were newly built to operate, the construction of the second batch of two large tuna purse seiners commenced, and the offshore fishing end of the fishery moved to the deep-sea aquaculture end of the fishery, and research was conducted to confirm the direction of aquaculture; Third, high standard construction of the future lighthouse factory, under the national strategy, to promote the transformation and upgrading of offshore fisheries, high-quality development, improve the supply chain and cold chain logistics hub construction, to create a high value-added marine superior park with sustainable competitiveness, in the middle of 2023, the relocation of Hangzhou and Ningbo factories clustered to the work of YOUPIN company, the smooth switch of the business, a smooth transition, and the official commissioning of the YOUPIN company; Fourth, grasp the domestic supply chain construction, deepen the layout of bulk seafood resources, stabilize and consolidate the bulk commodity salmon, white shrimp trade and import access, continue to expand the domestic market, live base construction landing, complete the construction of the official flagship store of TIKTOK, put into operation.

Shen Zhijun also deployed for the work in 2024, put forward the requirements, in 2024, all the staff should overcome the difficulties and forge ahead, and promote the company's whole industry chain convergence development: consolidate the advantages of the ocean fishing end, break through the existing position area, look for opportunities in the world, dare to think, dare to do, dare to break through, and further expand the scope of the scale of fishing, to ensure the sustainable development; Operate the future lighthouse factory to build a competitive high value-added marine premium park, focusing on the design capacity to play well, strengthen the management of both ends, that is, the raw material end to global acquisition, the processing end to increase the processing category and processing volume, fully tapping the potential, as soon as possible, to fully reach the design capacity, and at the same time to grasp the tuna big industry construction, accelerate the research and development of marine biological products, enrich the product line, to the direction of the big health expansion; To develop domestic and international resources and elements of two-way drive, mutual integration, to build a large domestic and international market, the real realization of "goods back, fish ashore", so that the best marine protein food into the people's table; Further strengthen the basic management and wind control management, make up for the short boards, continue to improve the construction of talent echelon, recruit overseas management talents with international vision, marketing/product research and development talents, and bring in good people and retain them without any restraints.

Wanxiang positive, integrity is light, Wanxiang gathering energy, the will of the people into a city, the General Assembly recognized the 2023 "creation", "entrepreneurship", "innovation" and "newcomer award" honorary title recipients, awarded the fishing fishing headquarters and other two Ocean Family "innovation" honorary title, awarded the KIBENA3, Ocean Family (Zhoushan) YOUPIN Limited and other four Ocean Family "entrepreneurial" honorary title, awarded the 41 Ocean Family "creativity" honorary title, awarded the Yang Deqiang and other six Ocean Family "newcomer award" honorary title. The honorees will continue to make persistent efforts, continue to work hard, dare to think, dare to do, firm goals, keep the right and innovation, and make greater contributions to the development of the company's business. The meeting called on all enterprises, departments and all employees to "create", "entrepreneurship", "innovation" honorees as an example, to do a good party member of the new era, do the general secretary of the good workers, and to practice the spirit of Lu Guanqiu, constantly learn to carry forward the spirit of the model worker, the spirit of four thousand, anchored in the development goals, do the action with the times, be vigorous and courageous, and focus on the mission of "let the rural areas develop, modernize the agriculture, and let the farmers get rich", and "Ocean Family Ocean Excellence to awaken the taste buds of the 1.4 billion people, and let consumption promote charity". Let consumption promote charity" as the vision, let the "struggle for ten years to add a city" will "struggle for ten years to add a zero" continue to move forward, in 2024 to do solid work, to the new birth, to the high line, to the strong and into, do deeper and stronger the Ocean Family offshore fishing industry chain.

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