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Jointly scheme business operation environment to support the development of Ocean Family

On 9th May, five persons, including Mrs. Yuxiaodan, the vice mayor of Zhoushan, Mr. Yuyonggu, the deputy commissioner of customs of Zhoushan, Mrs. Tongyulin, vice director of finance department of maritime administration bureau of Zhoushan, and etc., visit Ocean Family. Mr. Zhanwei, the deputy general manager of Ocean Family, and others host the reception. 

During the meeting, emceed by Mrs. Yu, all persons have the free communication and roll out the deep discussion on the topics such as customs clearance, import supervision and etc. Mr. Zhan introduces the company’s history, development plan and relevant requirements, and meanwhile reports the firm’s operation situation in last year and January-April of this year.

Mrs. Yu emphases: we have the same goal and direction and we will bring the contents of today’s communication back for studying; sticking to the principles of facilitation, we consult together to improve the business operation environment and spur the quality development of the economy.

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